The Center for Systems Innovation at Scale (i-Scale) is a partnership between academia and industry to explore the unique challenges of computing systems at large scale, across software, networking, and hardware layers. i-Scale researchers seek answers to problems of pre-competitive research which are relevant to our industrial partners, often collaborating directly via open-source partnerships.

Large scale systems, often in the form of cloud computing and data centers, are a pervasive part of the computing landscape today, and present unique opportunities for industry-relevant research. i-Scale aims to address these challenges via partnerships with the Mass Open Cloud and Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing center, providing access to systems running at data center scales. i-Scale works to not only push the boundaries of data center and computing technology, but to bring these results to industry, improving the competitiveness of its sponsors. In addition it trains and provides key experience to graduate and undergraduate students to develop industry-relevant technical skills.  

Areas of Research

  • Large-scale data storage systems 
  • Scalable operating systems and system software 
  • Hardware accelerators for large-scale computation 
  • Security, privacy and economics of large scale computing
  • Non-traditional, emerging computing and memory technology 
  • Programming models, compilers and runtime systems for large-scale systems
  • Energy-efficient and resilient large-scale computing
  • Large-scale infrastructures and facilities management tools and methods 
  • Collaborative Computing with Internet of Things (IoT) and Edge computing models