Site Leads
Peter Desnoyers
Northeastern University

Algorithms for Flash Storage, SMR Disk Drives, Operating Systems

Orran Krieger
Boston University

Systems, Cloud Computing, Big Data Platforms

Academic Team
Jonathan Appavoo
Boston University

Architectures for Scalable Elastic Systems, Computer Systems

Manos Athanassoulis
Boston University

Data Systems, Novel Cloud Data Management Architectures, New Hardware

Adam Belay

Operating Systems, Runtime Systems, Distributed Systems

Gene Cooperman
Northeastern University

Fault Tolerance, Checkpointing, HPC, Cloud Computing

Manuel Egele
Boston University

Systems Security, Software Security & Privacy on Mobile Systems

Martin Herbordt
Boston University

Computer systems and architecture, Accelerators GPUs, FPGAs

Ajay Joshi
Boston University

Computer Architecture, Data Privacy, Photonic Computing

David Kaeli
Northeastern University

Computer Architecture, GPUs, Reliability, Security

Ayse Kivilcim Coskun
Boston University

Energy-efficient Computing, Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing

Arjun Guha
Northeastern University

Programming languages, Software engineering, large language models of code

Vasiliki (Vasia) Kalavri
Boston University

Self-Managed Stream Processing Systems, Graph Streaming Systems

Miriam Leeser
Northeastern University

FPGA Applications: Wireless, Machine Learning, Data Privacy

Ioannis (John) Liagouris
Boston University

Scalable Data Processing Systems, Cloud Computing, Data Privacy

Alan Liu
University of Maryland

Data Analytics Systems, Cloud Computing, Network Security

Renato Mancuso
Boston University

Real-Time and Embedded Systems, Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Real-Time Cloud Computing

Abraham Matta
Boston University

Transport and Routing Protocols, Feedback-based Control Design and Analysis, Modeling and Performance Evaluation

Ningfang Mi
Northeastern University

Performance Evaluation, Storage Systems, Resource Management

Sabrina Neuman
Boston University

Computer Architecture, Robotics, Hardware Accelerators 

Cristina Nita-Rotaru
Northeastern University

Network Security, Resilient Distributed Systems, Trustworthy AI

Yannis Paschalidis
Boston University

AI, Autonomy, Health Informatics

William Robertson
Northeastern University

Systems Security, Web Security, Mobile Security

Raja Sambasivan
Tufts University

Cloud Computing, Evolvability, Debugging Distributed Systems

Ji-Yong Shin
Northeastern University

Distributed Systems, Formal Verification, Cloud Storage Systems

David Starobinski
Boston University

Cybersecurity, Wireless Networking, Blockchain

Cheng Tan
Northeastern University

Computer Systems, Networks, Security, Machine Learning for Systems

Davesh Tiwari
Northeastern University

High-Performance Computing, Cloud Computing, Quantum Computing

Will Tomlinson
Boston University

Developing hardware and software solutions for wireless communication systems

Ari Trachtenberg
Boston University
Cybersecurity, Distributed Systems, Theory
Jan Vitek
Northeastern University

Data Science at Scale, Programming Languages, and Compilers

Rich West
Boston University

Real-time and Embedded Systems, Operating Systems, Multicore Systems

Michael Zink
UMass Amherst

Integrative Systems Engineering, Sensor Virtualization, Distribution of High-Bandwidth High-Volume Data

Administrative Team
Nancy Clinton
Managing Director - MOC Alliance
Tara Moran
Senior Administrative Coordinator - MOC Alliance
Jon Stumpf
Industry Liaison